Intellectual property legally protects the ideas and inventions of inventors and business owners. It allows people and businesses behind new ideas the freedom to develop and make money from those ideas.

Intellectual property can stop your competitors copying or stealing your ideas. If you take care of your intellectual property you will find that it not only protects your ideas but provides a source of revenue. Taking care of your intellectual property is also the best thing you can do to establish your company’s brand and reputation (just ask Coca-Cola, Adidas or Apple).

It might not seem like it, but intellectual property is important for inventors, for start-up businesses, and even for established businesses; here at the Business & IP Centre we believe that protecting your intellectual property should be a priority. If you would like to know how to protect your intellectual property, get in touch with us. Our IP advisers provide impartial, free and confidential IP advice, and you will have access to hard-copy and online resources that will help you review your own and your competitors’ IP.

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