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If you are interested in benefiting from BEST, simply complete the online ERDF eligibility form below and we will get back to you, as soon as possible:

Business Name and address including postcode

Contact Details (name, email, direct phone number)

Legal Structure of the Business (e.g. Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company, CiC etc.)

Does your business have a parent company?

How many people does your business employ?

Has the business been in receipt of any public funding in last three years? (eg grants, subsidies)

Do you own or rent premises?

Does your business have an annual turnover greater than €50 million euros, and/or a balance sheet greater than €43 million euros?

How do you pay your energy bills (eg. pay the supplier direct, or pay landlord based on monthly consumption, or included in rent as a fixed monthly charge.

How did you hear about BEST?

Participant Declaration

I understand that you need to keep and process my personal and my company’s information to evidence:

  • eligibility of the company I represent on the Business Energy Saving Team project;
  • the achievement of the project’s outputs and results;
  • compliance with European Structural & Investment Funds rules and requirements
  • It is your contractual obligation that you do so.

You will need to keep my personal and my company’s information till at least 31 December 2033 (or longer if required by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government). I accept that I and the company I represent may be contacted in the future (within this period) regarding monitoring and evaluation. After that time, my personal and my company’s information will be destroyed in a secure manner.

I understand this service is voluntary and I give consent for my personal and my company’s details to be held on a secure database and used by the Business Energy Saving Team project.

My personal and my company’s information may be shared with Newcastle City Council, Narec Distributed Energy, and Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government as well as auditors carrying out any type of audit of the Business Energy Saving Team project.

Details provided on this form are confidential and will not be used or shared for any purpose other than that already stated and they will not be used to discriminate against me or the company I represent in any way.

I understand that I can withdraw this consent at any time by contacting best@newcastle.gov.uk

Alternatively, you can contact your local Council contact for more information about BEST and how it can help you. To find the contact details of your local Council, visit our BEST page.

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