Jeni is passionate about connecting people. When people come together powerful things happen: relationships are built, knowledge is shared and sparks of innovation are fired.

With fifteen years’ experience in the networking industry, Jeni now teaches networking skills and creates networking strategies to help people come together and build effective, long-term relationships.

During her careers she has won several awards in enterprise including being named within the ‘Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs’ in the UK in 2010, and ‘Growth Accelerator Programme’ winner 2012.

Between 2017-19 she conducted two rounds of academic research with Durham University Business School, exploring her unique strategic business networking model. The research results spurred her on to launch Networking KnoWho to help individuals and businesses become more confident, efficient, and strategic networkers.

Jeni truly believes that networking has the ability to change people’s lives, unlock hidden potential, spark world-changing ideas and be the catalyst for positive change: all starting with a simple “Hello”.

Support & Key Skills:

• Networking skills and training
• Networking consultancy
• Networking for innovation
• Networking for growth
• Business development consultancy
• Strategic networking consultancy
• Building confidence
• Beginners guide to professional networking
• Advanced networking and relationship management

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